Blood Brothers

Austin Conrad Thriller #1 | A Novella

A hardened criminal. A gut-wrenching revelation. Loyalty, brotherhood, and honor will be tested to the breaking point.

No Time To Bleed

Austin Conrad Thriller #2 | A Novella

A lone biker on the open road. A crew of murderous thugs in hot pursuit. The hunters become the hunted along a lonely stretch of desert asphalt.

Blood Out

Austin Conrad Thriller #3 | A Novel

A rebel biker on the run. An outlaw motorcycle club in turmoil. A violent past that haunts them all.

The Last Gift

An Austin Conrad Short Story

All Austin wants is to finish closing up the Patty Waggin, and enjoy a quiet Christmas Eve in with his sweetheart.  But when he decides to give the club’s last, drunken patron a ride home, things go sideways.

Austin Conrad Wiki

A Deep Dive into the World of Austin Conrad

If you’ve enjoyed the books you might be interested in learning more about the people, places and things that populate Austin Conrad’s world.  From major and minor characters to homes, businesses and locations, to the awesome cars, weapons and gear, dive in and learn more about everything that makes Austin’s world go ’round.

Bones Don't Bend

Austin Conrad Thriller #4 | A Novel

A small town cop, a charismatic messiah, and their corporate crony from the big city are putting the finishing touches on their evil scheme.  But trouble just rolled into town on two wheels.

The World Needs an Antihero

Who is Austin Conrad?   He’s ex-US Army Special Forces, who left the service years ago under circumstances we’ve yet to learn about.  Since leaving the Armye he’s been knocking heads with one of Southern California’s outlaw motorcycle clubs.  He’s no angel.  He’s been involved in some bad shit.  But one day he stumbles on to something a few members of the club are up to, including the chapter president, which goes too far, even for Austin’s rather questionable moral compass.  That story is told within the pages of Blood Brothers.

Austin is an aging biker, in his late 40’s.  He is a tangled mess of long hair, tattoos, denim and leather.  You’ve probably seen the type, hanging out at your local dive bar.  He loves knives, whiskey and cheap cigars.  Curvy women and outlaw country music.  He’s tall, broad and imposing, but he’s sort of let himself go.  A steady diet of gas station burritos and rotgut beer have made him a bit flabby around the middle.  But his ex-brothers from the MC quickly find out that he’s still not one to mess with.

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An Excerpt from the Next Austin Conrad Thriller!

An Excerpt from the Next Austin Conrad Thriller!

Hi there thriller fans! As I write this I’m sitting at the kitchen table at my brother- and sister-in-law’s place in Missouri. It’s the day before Thanksgiving, its chilly outside and my wife and SIL are working on meal prep for tomorrow’s feast. After breakfast I’ll go up to the barn with my brother-in-law and work on processing the deer we harvested this year.  The photo above is from our view in the deer blind the past few days.

The Last Gift: A Brand New Austin Conrad Story!

The Last Gift: A Brand New Austin Conrad Story!

For those who have been patiently waiting for the next story in the Austin Conrad thriller series, I have a treat for you. Call it a Christmas gift, or a Festivus miracle. But it's a story fit for the season, an Austin Conrad thriller with a Christmas-themed setting....

Our First Look at Hank Stone

Here's a short, sneak peak at young Henry, the main character of my upcoming Hank Stone Action-Adventure series. Since it has been a few months since my last book release, Blood Out - Austin Conrad Thriller #3, I thought I'd share this short passage with you, just to...

Book Review: Commune 4 by Joshua Gayou

Book Review: Commune 4 by Joshua Gayou

I've followed this series from the beginning, and have been one of it's biggest fans. For a series whose readership is dominated by audiobook listeners (due, in no small part, to the insanely awesome performances of R.C. Bray), I am somewhat of a rarity: an actual...

Video Blog #005: Blood Out – Story Origins

The latest entry in my Story Origins vlog series is about the third book in my Austin Conrad thrillers series. Check it out to learn some of the behind-the-scenes dirt about Blood Out! WARNING: May contain spoilers so if you haven't read Blood Out yet, consider...

Austin’s Weapons: The Loveless Chute Knife

Austin’s Weapons: The Loveless Chute Knife

Austin Conrad loves his bladed weapons.  At any given time, he might be carrying three to five knives on his person.  His favorite of these is the Loveless Chute Knife, which he normally carries strapped to a boot, concealed under a pant leg.  It's a...

Keeping It Real in Fiction: Human Trafficking

Keeping It Real in Fiction: Human Trafficking

My Austin Conrad books are intended as fast, fun action thrillers.  As I offer in the disclaimer at the bottom of the blurb for each book, they contain "violence, profanity and irreverence, in equal measure."  The irreverence referred to is sort of my literary...