The World Needs an Antihero.  Introducing Austin Conrad.

Gripping Series!

I didn’t want the story to end! It’s that good.


A book that grabs you on the first page and doesn’t let go!

Fantastic Book!

Action packed, edge of your seat page turning suspense.

You’ll Love  Austin Conrad!

Do him wrong. he becomes your worst enemy!

Great Series!

Shoot outs and capture escapes. Action to keep you entertained.

A Man On A Mission!

Doing whatever it takes, right or wrong.

“It’s like Jack Reacher meets Sons of Anarchy!” – Amazon Reviewer

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Blood Out is the third book in the Austin Conrad Thrillers series. If you like fast-paced adventure, vividly real settings and a flawed but unstoppable antihero, then you’ll love this action-packed thriller from breakout author Dusty Sharp.

Warning: Contains violence, profanity and irreverence, in equal measure. 

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See Why Thriller Readers Love Austin Conrad and  Blood Out!

The hitchhiker was the perfect Reacher.  Blood out is my third book or novella, and I only want more.  I can sympathize with Austin. I lived a good part of his life.  I have experienced some of his.  And through the writing I keep experience and live what I want to as any reader should. The writing being such that one can only be there.I cannot put the books down, until I read the last page, and go into withdrawal that same second after turning the page.

I really enjoyed learning more about Austin. Every book makes you want more. I love the in depth information about Southern California. I’m looking forward to learning even more about Austin’s past and military history. Also want to know Bank’s story.  I highly recommend the series.

Austin is the bad guy with feelings; unless you do him wrong. Then he becomes your worst enemy. Lots of action with a good amount of gore in this one but that seems to be par for the course with Austin.  Austin is the bad guy with feelings; unless you do him wrong. Then he becomes your worst enemy. Lots of action with a good amount of gore in this one but that seems to be par for the course with Austin.

I was very impressed by the characters. Very believable. A man on a mission. Very driven. Doing whatever it takes, right or wrong.

…soon Austin’s dodging ambushes and fighting for his life against the ‘brothers’ he thought had betrayed him. With an unexpected ally who also knew his father and agrees with Austin’s integrity and determination to halt the evil trade, can Austin do the right thing – and survive against the odds?  Read this great novel that follows the equally excellent No Time to Bleed by Dusty Sharp – the man with his trigger-finger on the pulse of what makes a great story.

Dusty Sharp’s third installment of Austin Conrad’s story is Blood Out a full-length, non-stop, fast action thriller and it was difficult to actually put down the book.  Austin isn’t an upstanding citizen but he does have a conscience – he’s the bad guy with feelings; unless you do him wrong. Then he becomes your worst enemy.  Austin is the definition an anti-hero.

Bad ass hard hitting and captivating story telling.  I could not put this down. I can’t wait for the next Austin Conrad. Austin takes the game to their doorstep!

I loved this 3rd book in the Austin Conrad series by Dusty Sharp. It was longer than the first two (which I loved). Austin Conrad is not your usual hero, a cheap cigar smoking, tatooed, foul mouthed, motorcycle gang member. Yet I love him. Although this book was fairly long, I read it in one day, despite watching a few hours of tv. Couldn’t put it down. Full of action and thrills. Dusty Sharp is one of my new favorite authors. Can’t wait for number 4.

The Austin Conrad series continues to be action packed with plenty of twists in the story line that are unexpected or unanticipated. Blood Out was the best of the three stories not only from the action perspective, but Austin Conrad shows his true colors, and not the ones on his vest.

Dusty Sharp has a fantastic eye for the little details that make a story come to life. 

Austin is a killing machine. But the story is believable and the characters seem to come to life. I can’t wait for the next book.

Good character and action packed stories. I can’t wait for the SF FOLLOWUP, PLEASE HURRY AUSTIN CONRAD is Jack Reacher type of character and all action!

A gripping story of loyalty lost, revenge, intrigue and an outlaw’s sense of “crossing the line” into an illegal activity he couldn’t condone.
Austin is a man who has been involved in running drugs, illegal immigrants, and other activities, including murder. Most of these killings are of ruthless MC members whether of Austin’s club or a rival club’s members. Some of the descriptions can be gruesome.
But, given the subject matter, I liked Austin. He was loyal to his friends, until they crossed his internal moral line. He was thoughtful, methodical, very capable. He wasn’t depicted as a 30’s something, muscle bound, God like character, but as a man in his late 40’s, a little overweight, a little unkempt. A man who tended to business in a single minded fashion.
I rapidly read the first two books in this series but took frequent breaks with Blood Out. Not because of the sometimes brutal killings, but because I didn’t want the story to end! It’s that good.  Dusty Sharp’s writing style is smooth, descriptive and to the point. No repetitive fillers. Definitely fitting into the personality of Austin Conrad.  I don’t want to tell you the story. I want you to read it for yourself. It’s a story and character you will enjoy and won’t forget!

…Well…Not Everyone Loves Austin Conrad…

After reading of nose picking, boogers, titty bars, beer drinking, a man who is a gang member rides a Harley motorcycle has an emphaniy [sic] I wondered how old is this author. . . . 15? I couldn’t read anymore it was too juvenile.