I’m excited to announce that my first novella, No Time To Bleed, is now available as an Audiobook!  I know quite a few of you prefer to listen to books these days.  I’ve started to supplement my own reading with the twice-daily listen to a few chapters on my way to and from work (I recently finished the latest Jack Reacher book, The Midnight Line, and just started the new Andy Weir book, Artemis).

So now you can listen to Austin Conrad’s adventures while driving, working out, or just chilling with your headphones on.  The No Time To Bleed Audiobook is priced pretty low too (only $5-$7, depending on which retailer you use), so if you use a subscription service like Audible you might be better off buying it and saving those almighty credits for the $20+ audiobooks from the big names.  So here’s the Big List of retailers you can get it at so far:

Amazon | Audible | Audiobooks | Apple | Nook | Google PlayDownpour | Scribd | 24symbols

Writing and publishing is a series of satisfying milestones.  Each one seems like a watershed moment:  The time you decided to start writing.  The day you finished your first book.  The day you “launched” the eBook on Amazon.  And now I can add publishing an audiobook to that list.  Like everything else I’ve done so far in this endeavor, doing the audiobook has been another great learning experience.  I already have ideas and plans for improving the next one and streamlining the process.

Lastly, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be GIVING AWAY a few FREE downloads of the No Time To Bleed audiobook.  The give-aways will be conducted on my Sharp Readers group on Facebook, so head over there and join the group if you haven’t yet (click here).  It’s a ghost town in there right now but I hope it eventually becomes an active community of readers who love thrillers and action/suspense stories as much as I do!