I’ve been fascinated with how this writing thing has taken off, and struck a chord with a few of my readers.  It started out as just an experiment to see if I could write something.  Then I learned all about how to publish it.  Next was finding readers and learning how to get my books some visibility.  But for most of that process it’s been a bit of a selfish journey–just me doing it to see if I could.  But somewhere along the way I actually managed to gain a few fans, people who have enjoyed the books and even look forward to more.  For that I am immensely grateful.  But what has seriously blown my mind is that a few have even asked for signed copies of my books.  It’s such an amazing feeling to know that they enjoyed the story so much that they’d like a permanent token of it.  It’s overwhelming.

I’ve been able to fulfill a few of these in person, family and friends in close proximity who I was able to just sign their copy of the book during the normal course of life.  But I’ve also had several inquiries for signed copies from my more far-flung fans around the country, which until now I had not devised a simple way to fulfill.  So I’m happy to announce that I now have a mechanism set up for doing this.  If you would like a signed copy of one (or more) of my books, simply head over to my website and check out the brand spankin’ new “Shop” section (its in the menu at the top of the page, or just Click Here).

In my new Shop you’ll find listings for signed copies of each of my books so far.  (or use these direct links for Blood Brothers and No Time To Bleed).  The way it works is you simply buy the book directly from me (rather than the hassle of buying it at Amazon and sending it to me), then I sign it and send it to you.  And I’m throwing in a bonus: one of my killer new Rattlers MC Decals!  These decals are 4.5″ X 6″, printed and die-cut exterior automotive grade vinyl, suitable for displaying on your chopper, car, tool box, beer fridge, riding mower, etc.  Each signed copy comes with one.

Finally, if you’re on my email list, in my next newsletter (due out next week sometime), I’ll be including a discount code so members of my Sharp Readers can get signed copies of my books at a special price.


Blood Brothers – Signed Paperback

No Time To Bleed – Signed Paperback