Austin Conrad is the main character in the Austin Conrad Thriller Series.  He’s about 48 years old at the beginning of the events in Blood Brothers.  He stands 6 feet 5 inches tall, is broad and thick.  Though he’s still muscular, he’s been going a bit soft in his old age, with a beer belly to prove it.  He has long hair and a beard, and faded blue eyes.  Austin grew up in Riverside California, with his father Wayne Conrad, after his mother had left them when he was just a child.

Wayne brought Austin up in the shadow of the Rattlers MC, as the “old man” had become involved in the club after returning from the Vietnam war emotionally damaged.  But Wayne took care to shield Austin and his cousin Hank from more unsavory aspects of Club life.  Speaking of Hank, he and Austin were nearly inseperable growing up, though they were quite different.  Austin was big, athletic, good looking and good with the girls.  Hank, on the other hand was more reserved, not as accustomed to athletics, and not as popular.  But they made a good pair, sort of brains and brawn.

After high school, Austin joined the US Army and the 82nd Airborne Division.  He took part in the US invasion of Panama, and it was while he was there that he learned of his father’s death in a motorcycle accident.  After returning home to attend to his father’s affairs, he decided to go all-in with his military career, and applied to and was accepted into Special Operations.  Austin was in the Army for a total of fifteen years, leaving shortly after action in Afghanistan in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on America.  Something he saw there disillusioned him, and he returned home, like his father before him, mentally broken.

Also like his father, Austin found new purpose among the brotherhood of the Rattlers Motorcycle Club, having been recruited in and nurtured by the MC’s president himself, Tillman.  The events in Blood Brothers pick up at the very end of his tenure with the MC, thirteen years later.

Riverside, CA (Burlwood Street House)
Las Vegas, NV (Harbison Street Loft)
Loveless Chute Knife (Fixed Blade Knife)
Tanto Folder (Folding Knife)
Sling Blade (Tethered Blade)
Glock Model 22 (Auto Pistol)
H&K UMP-40 (Submachine Gun)
1972 Harley-Davidson FLH
1969 Mustang Mach 1
1970 Mustang Boss 429 (Basket case project car)
1998 Camaro (Borrowed from Tony)
Austin's Burlwood Street House (Riverside, CA)
Patty Waggin Gentlemen's Club (Las Vegas, NV)
Harbison Street Complex(Las Vegas, NV)
Wayne Conrad (Father)
Hank Stone (Cousin)
Frankie Flynn (Business Partner, Ride-Or-Die)
Gene Pendleton (His Father’s Friend)
Marcus Johnson (Tech Genius)
Dr. Tariq Patel (On-Call Physician)
Tony Espinoza (Tenant, Proprietor of Espinoza Auto Body)
Manny Esparza (Detective, San Bernardino County Sheriff Department)
Frosty Fosberg (Member, Riverside Chapter, Rattlers MC)
Tillman Grant (President of Riverside Chapter, Rattlers MC & 601 Posse)
Sunny Sunderland (Seargeant-At-Arms of Riverside Chapter, Rattlers MC & 601 Posse)
Oscar Jacobsen (Member, Barstow Chapter, Rattlers MC)
Babyface Shepherd (Member, Barstow Chapter, Rattlers MC)
Paolo Rizzoli (Member, Barstow Chapter, Rattlers MC)
Dice Neitschke (Member, Barstow Chapter, Rattlers MC)
Mar-Vel (Customer at The Patty Waggin)
Travis Bishop (Member, Riverside Chapter, Rattlers MC & 601 Posse)
Tony Battaglia (Member, Riverside Chapter, Rattlers MC & 601 Posse)
Carol Petrescu (Owner, Pair-O-Dice Towing)
Billy de Pacas (Coyote, El Sindicato del Norte)
Joaquin Papaqui (Coyote, El Sindicato del Norte)
Sandy Williams (Assistant Manager at The Patty Waggin)
Jenny Hendricks (Dancer at The Patty Waggin)
Barbara Daniels (Dancer at The Patty Waggin)
Hector Salazar (Shop Foreman, Espinoza Auto Body)
Yolanda Hurtado (Secretary, Espinoza Auto Body)
Dang Lee (Tenant, Proprietor of But Did You Thai?)
Ramona Perez (Tenant, Proprietor of El Vaquero Borracho)
Lee Jordan (Customer at The Patty Waggin)
Elise Jordan (Estranged wife of Lee Jordan)
Curt Frazier (Tow Truck Driver, West Coast Wreckers)
From the pages of No Time To Bleed:

“Yeah well I’m done with you,” Austin said as he turned away and headed toward the door. He didn’t know how this was going to end yet, but he had a pretty good idea what was coming next. These guys were looking for trouble, and he made a good target. Austin was tall and broad, but he had grown a bit pudgy over the years, his beer gut straining against an old Bocephus T-shirt. His arms were thick slabs covered with tattoos and scars. His leather vest was new; removing all the patches that morning had left his old one in shreds. A scarred up pair of size 13 Danner work boots, greasy jeans and a long wallet chain completed the ensemble. His wind-blown black beard was streaked with gray, and matched the shoulder-length hair that grew thin toward the top of his head. His eyes were the color of faded denim, wide-set between sun-beaten crow’s feet. Despite his formidable size, he looked washed up. Which he was counting on.