Sutcliffe Ranch
Borrego Springs, CA
Harry Sutcliffe
Tillman Grant
Kenny Blackwood
Manny Esparza
An old ranch with a house and a couple of out-buildings, owned by a member of the Rattlers, Harry Sutcliffe.  From the pages of Blood Out:

The ranch had belonged to the grandparents of Harry Sutcliffe, an old-timer in the Rattlers who, as far as Austin knew, wasn’t mixed up in the 601 Posse or Tillman’s current business venture. When the ranch had passed down to Harry twenty years prior, he’d had no interest in farming. So the land was worked by a local rancher on a long-term lease, while Harry had kept the farmhouse and barn for a winter home. He would spend four or five months out there each winter, when the weather was nice. But it was hot as fuck out there in the summertime, so Harry had been staying closer to Riverside, taking frequent rides out to the beach or up to the mountains to beat the heat.