Coyotes (a general term, not a proper name)
Smuggling of undocumented immigrants into the United States
Tijuana, BC, Mexico and throughout Southern California
Billy de Pacas (Coyote/Smuggler)
Joaquin Papaqui (Coyote/Smuggler)
El Jefe (A member of El Sindicato del Norte who oversees the Syndicate’s Coyote operations)
Austin Conrad (Works with the Coyotes on behalf of the MC
Frosty Fosberg (Works with the Coyotes on behalf of the MC
“The Coyotes” are a subset of the Sindicato del Norte cartel, tasked specifically with smuggling undocumented immigrants across the border into the United states.  The term is used here as a general description, it is not meant to denote that the group uses the term as their proper name.  More accurately, it is how they are referred to by others, such as the members of the Rattlers MC who work with them in the smuggling operation.  Nor are these the only “Coyotes,” as there are doubtless many others operating simultaneously, both independently and as subsidiaries of other criminal syndicates.
These particular Coyotes work in a partnership with the Rattlers MC.  Immigrants are moved across the border by concealing them within legitimate delivery trucks operated by Muebleria Santiago, a furniture manufacturing company that exports to distribution centers in Southern California.  The Rattlers MC is responsible for bribing the right Border Patrol agents and providing the Coyotes with the designated time slots and lanes through which to bring the shipments.  It is understood that the bribed agents may make a cursory inspection, but that the immigrants will be concealed enough to provide plausible deniability.  The MC also arranges for a secure “Drop” location, such as The Old Adobe or any of a number of similar locations used in random rotation, where the immigrants can be “landed” before distribution to their final destination.  The third responsibility of the MC is the creation of high quality counterfeit documentation for the new arrivals.  Payment for these services are made to the MC in the form of Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies.