Francine Aisling Flynn
March 17, 1975
Frankie's Palomino House
Las Vegas, NV
Managing Partner, Patty Waggin Gentlemen's Club
Austin Conrad (Partner & Main Man)
Sandy Williams (Employee – Assistant Manager)
Jenny Hendricks (Employee – Dancer)
Barbara Daniels (Employee – Dancer)
Dr. Tariq Patel (On-Call Physician)
“She was a striking woman, in her early forties, with ample curves and an athleticism that defied her years, electric green eyes and a shock of long, red hair. As always, she was dressed in the standard uniform of the Vegas after-hours: an abundance of leather, lace and cleavage.”Blood Out
Frankie’s celebrity inspiration: Christina Hendricks
Frankie and Austin are partners in the Patty Waggin Gentlemen's Club.  Austin owns the building, but the two are equal partners in the business.  Years ago, not long after acquiring the business, Austin gave Frankie half-ownership because he knew she would nurture the business as her own, to their mutual benefit.  In that time she has turned the business around, from a failing sleeze-joint in a seedy part of town, to an upstanding, if not quite so high-class, gentlemen’s club.
Running in parallel with their business relationship, Frankie and Austin’s personal relationship has grown and evolved over the years.  They have grown close, and somewhat dependent on one-another.  It is safe to say that they love each other, however Austin’s emotional issues have kept them from being able to fully embrace one another as partners in life as well as business.  For her part, Frankie has always been patient with Austin, understanding the damage wrought on him by years of warfare and violence, but always trying to nudge him onto a better path, and into her arms if possible.
From the pages of Blood Out:

Austin walked over and took a seat at the near end of the bar, not wanting to disturb Frankie while she was working customers and maximizing tips. He watched her for a few minutes since she hadn’t noticed him come in. She was dressed as she usually did for working at the club. Tight blue jeans that hugged her long legs right up to the heavenly curves of her ass. Black leather bustier, pulled tight around her waist and pushing her boobs up into a spectacular display of cleavage. Long, wavy locks of coppery red hair fell over her shoulders and down to the small of her back. Bright green eyes sparkled as she teased the two bikers into another round of drinks. Austin appreciated her side profile as she leaned forward over the ice well, long and lithe, alternating thick or thin in all the right places. Austin thought she was hotter than any of the young girls they had working the stage, though she was twice the age of some of them.

Frankie had grabbed the biker’s mugs and was turning toward the beer taps behind her when she saw him. He watched as the fake, toothy smile disappeared and her mischievous grin formed in its place. She kept her eyes on him as she turned toward the beer taps and filled the mugs. She quickly filled and returned them to her customers, then walked slowly to Austin’s end of the bar.

“Hello sweetheart,” Austin said.

“Don’t ‘sweetheart’ me, asshole,” she replied. “I thought you were leaving this morning?”