Henry Stone
San Francisco, CA
Austin Conrad (Cousin)
Wayne Conrad (Uncle)
Marcus Johnson (Friend)
Hank is Austin’s cousin.  They both grew up in Riverside, are of similar age, and are good, close friends to this day.  But they are very different.  Where Austin is rough around the edges, Hank is more refined.  Austin went to the School of Hard Knocks, Hank went to prestigious universities.  Austin has led a life of crime, while Hank has led a life of invention and innovation.
We will be learning more about Hank Stone in his own upcoming series of archaeological action-adventure stories.
From the pages of Blood Out:

Hank laughed on the other end of the line. “You always do. But hey, when can you come up here? I’ve got some shit brewing of my own, I could use your help with it.”

“Does this have to do with the pearl?” Austin asked, remembering the small black pearl Hank carried in his pocket wherever he went, like a good luck charm. He had found it on a camping trip when they were teenagers, and had held onto it ever since, as if the pearl itself had its own hold over Hank. In the decades since then, Hank had become successful in business, having built up several large tech companies. But through it all he had remained obsessed with that damn pearl and the larger conspiracy he increasingly believed surrounded it.

“Yeah,” Hank said excitedly, “but its so much larger than that! I think I told you about my trip to Mexico City a couple years ago.”

Austin did remember. Hank had come back from that trip with even bigger delusions about the pearl and his grand conspiracy. Sometimes he wondered if his cousin wasn’t losing his marbles.