Jennifer Nicole Hendricks
Las Vegas, NV
Curvy, blonde, brown eyes, tattoos
Dancer at the Patty Waggin Gentlemen's Club
Frankie Flynn (Co-owner of the Patty Waggin
Sandy Williams (Assistant Manager)
Barbara Daniels (Dancer/Co-Worker)
Austin Conrad (Co-owner)
Mar-Vel (Patron)
Jenny is one of the dancers at the Patty Waggin Gentlemen's Club, the bar/strip-club owned by Frankie and Austin.  She is the reason Austin has returned to Vegas ahead of schedule, as she has fallen into trouble.  From the pages of Blood Out:

Frankie looked down at her hands, studying her nails for a long moment. Finally she looked up. “It’s Jenny.”

“With an ‘I’?”

Frankie reached across the bar and slapped him playfully. “No, shit-for-brains! Jenny Hendricks…she started with us last year. Her stage name’s Daphni—and yeah, that’s with an ‘i’.”

Austin thought for a moment. “Big tits?”

“They all have big tits, numb-nuts. That’s why we hire them, remember? You’d know her. Sandy blonde. Big brown doe eyes. Scorpion tattoo on her thigh.”

Half of them were blonde, and half of those had brown eyes, so that didn’t narrow it down. But the ink did. Austin could remember asking her about the tattoo when she came in to apply. It was nice work. Artistic, vivid colors, and expertly shaded. Unfinished line-work continued down her leg to the ankle. “The tat,” Austin said, nodding. “Did she ever get it finished?” He had seen her in the club a few times since they’d hired her, but not during his last few visits.

Frankie had returned from the coffee maker and set their refreshed mugs on the counter between them. “No. Not yet. She never got any more work done on it than what she had when she first came in. She’d said she wanted to complete it, and get her sleeves done too. You might remember, that was one of the reasons she gave for wanting to dance a couple nights a week. Her folks were already paying for her school, but she wanted to earn some extra cash to get some work done. At the time I thought it was a line of bullshit, but what the hell.”

It all came back to him then. She’d been a lot like most of the girls when they first came in, looking to pick up a couple of shifts showing off skin for dollar bills. The Patty Waggin’ was dumpy by Vegas strip club standards, but Austin figured some of the girls felt more comfortable starting out in a more laid-back, out-of-the-way place than the fancier joints closer to downtown. Jenny had been brand new to the trade—timid at first, and a little bit naive. But she’d jumped right in, and was swinging her money-maker like a pro before too long. It seemed like she was doing well: no problems, no drama.

“Yeah I don’t know if I ever bought that shy bit. I always suspected she wasn’t quite as innocent as she made out to be. But I thought she was a good kid. So what’s she mixed up in?”