Joaquín Papaqui
Tijuana, BC, Mexico
Billy de Pacas
El Jefe
Joaquín is Billy de Pacas‘ helper, in there job hauling furniture across the border into the U.S. for Muebleria Santiago.  That job, however, is a front for their other activity operating as Coyotes, smuggling illegal immigrants as part of El Sindicato del Norte.
From the pages of Blood Brothers:

The driver nodded and stepped forward, offering a hand to Frosty. “You can call me Billy. But Joaquín just goes by Joaquín. Don’t call him Jack. He hasn’t gotten in touch with his inner gringo yet.”

Joaquín said nothing. He just stared at Frosty through half-shut eyes, with his head tilted back so it seemed like he was looking down at you even though he was shorter. Those squinty eyes were set amid a tableau of high cheekbones and a broad, sloping nose. His skin was the color of burnished metal with a hint of rust. He might have had about a teaspoon of conquistador in him, but the rest was pure Aztec. Put a headdress on him and you’d have Montezuma, apparently still a bit pissed off about that whole Spanish conquest thing.