Las Vegas, NV
Patty Waggin Gentlemen's Club
Espinoza Auto Body
But Did You Thai? (Restaurant – Thai Food)
El Vaquero Borracho (Restaurant – Taco Shop)
Red Rock Diner (Restaurant – Diner)
Pair-O-Dice Towing
Grand Bahia (Casino & Resort Hotel)
Satan's Bastards MC
Austin Conrad (Part-time)
Frankie Flynn
Dr. Tariq Patel
Carol Petrescu
Tony Espinoza
Hector Salazar
Sandy Williams
Barbara Daniels
Jenny Hendricks
Austin Conrad‘s adopted hometown, where he spends more and more of his time when he’s not in Riverside, CA, where he grew up.  Sin City is the home of many people, businesses and organizations that populate the pages of the Austin Conrad stories.
From the pages of Blood Out:

It was mid afternoon when Austin swung onto I-15 south to head back to Southern California. Despite the effort to shut it out of his mind, his last conversation with Frankie was weighing on him heavily. So he tried to concentrate on the sights passing by him on either side, to distract him.

For the millionth time, he thought about how quickly the city had grown up around him. As he looked over at the Strip, lying parallel to the freeway on his left, he recalled the first time he had come to Sin City as a kid. His dad had hauled him and Hank up here for a weekend once, while they were still in high school. They had stayed at Circus Circus, which was a nice place back then. These days it was a dump, long-since eclipsed by the massive mega-resorts that had sprung up all along the Strip to the south over the past thirty years.

Most of the icons were now gone. Historic, desert-themed haunts like The Sands, The Sahara and the The Dunes had been replaced by gaudy, luxury-themed behemoths like the MGM Grand, Bellagio and Mandalay Bay. As Austin traveled further south he saw that the urban sprawl had spread further and further from town, almost to the lonely desert outpost of Jean.