Twentynine Palms, CA
Candi with an i
The Smart One (unindexed)
The Dumb One (unindexed)
Marblemouth is a young US Marine, based at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center.  He and his knucklehead buddies like to head into town for drinks and fun at local watering holes like the Old Dale Saloon  There’s always at least two buddies in tow, usually a Smart One and a Dumb One.  Sometimes they pick up one of the easy, local girls who see these boys as their ticket out of this dusty desert outpost.  Girls like Candi with an i.  It’s always a hell of a time until some old creeper from out of town looks at Candi the wrong way.  But that presents an opportunity to show her what badasses they can be.
From the pages of No Time To Bleed:

He was kind of short but all puffed up like the Michelin Man, and looked barely old enough to vote. He was dressed in civvies but his look was unmistakable, especially here in Twentynine Palms: a United States Marine, newly minted by the looks of him. His skin was bronze and pulled tightly over bulging muscles; the stubble on his head bleached by the sun. His fists hung at his sides, clenching like they were busy with a pair of grip exercisers. His face looked like he had a mouthful of marbles. There were two more jarheads standing behind him, in sort of a V. Like they were in formation.