Riverside, CA
Junior Simpson (Former charter memberRattler, Riverside Chapter; deceased)
Wayne Conrad (Former member Rattlers MC, Riverside Chapter; deceased)
Tillman Grant (President, Rattlers MC, Riverside Chapter)
Frosty Fosberg (Seargeat-At-Arms, Rattlers MC, Riverside Chapter)
Austin Conrad (Member, Rattlers MC, Riverside Chapter)
Travis Bishop (Member, Rattlers MC, Riverside Chapter)
Tony Battaglia (Member, Rattlers MC, Riverside Chapter)
Harry Sutcliffe (Member, Rattlers MC, Riverside Chapter)
Clint Halford (President, Rattlers MC, Barstow Chapter)
Dice Neitschke (Member, Rattlers MC, Barstow Chapter)
The Riverside Chapter (Rattlers MC)‘s clubhouse is located on the back lot of Simpson's Ready-Mix in the industrial section of Riverside, between the plant’s maintenance building and a boneyard of broken-down trucks, tractors and aggregate processing machinery. The clubhouse itself is well-suited for such use, situated as it in in a somewhat private location with all of the necessary amenities. The cinder-block building housed a large social quarters with a bar, kitchen, meeting room, a couple of flop-rooms, and storage space. (For a more detailed explanation of the establishment of the Clubhouse on the back lot at Simpson’s Ready-Mix, see the entry for Riverside Chapter (Rattlers MC)).
From the pages of Blood Out:

Junior Simpson had been one of the charter members of the Riverside chapter of the Rattlers Motorcycle Club back in the early 60’s, less than a year after the original chapter was chartered up in Barstow. Junior had worked in construction. When he started his own company in 1967, which would eventually become Simpson’s Ready Mix, he carved out a small space on the company property for the Rattlers to use as their headquarters. Junior passed away in 1977, but by then the Rattlers were firmly established in the yard, in a symbiotic relationship that benefited both organizations.