Yolanda Hurtado
Las Vegas, NV
Secretary at Espinoza Auto Body
Tony Espinoza
Hector Salazar
Austin Conrad
Yolanda is the secretary/receptionist at Espinoza Auto Body.  More suited to a life on the street than in the office, she is one of Tony's personal projects as he tries to help her get her life in order.  Yolanda is a proud Chicana and grew up in the area’s Latino gangs.  Her office management skills are still in development, as she doesn’t seem to have much proficiency at filing, organizing or any other clerical duties.  But Austin thinks she greatly improves the scenery in Tony’s office, though she rarely seems to show up for work.
From the pages of Blood Out:

Austin leaned back in his chair and looked around the office. A secretary’s desk was tucked into one corner, but it looked like Yolanda was off today. That was a pity, she was usually a sight for sore eyes. But her perfect, round ass didn’t seem to help her much in keeping the place tidy. Stacks of papers covered every surface while filing cabinets, with their drawers stuffed and hanging open, lined most of the wall space. A large calendar from some outfit called Pinturas Veracruz hung on the wall behind Antonio, depicting the colorful Virgin of Guadalupe presiding over everything. Austin grinned at the irony.