For some of you this is old news but since I’ve announced it everywhere else, I suppose I’d better post it here on my blog for the two of you who are following my RSS feed: Blood Brothers, my second book, has launched!  It’s now available on Amazon and most other eBook retailers, so please go there and pick up a copy and/or leave a review for it 🙂

A hardened criminal. A gut-wrenching revelation. Loyalty, brotherhood, and honor will be tested to the breaking point.


Austin Conrad is a study in contradictions. A decorated war hero turned jaded enforcer for a ruthless outlaw motorcycle club, the honor he once had is jolted back to the surface with a devastating discovery about the club he called home. Can this hardened criminal look the other way, or will honor drive a wedge between him and the brotherhood that embraced him?


Blood Brothers is the gripping prequel to author Dusty Sharp’s acclaimed Austin Conrad series.

If you’ve already read my first book, No Time To Bleed, this one serves as a prequel of sorts.  It covers the activities of my protagonist, Austin Conrad, in the days leading up to that epic night out in Amboy.  You’ll learn more about Austin’s past, some history of Tillman and the Rattlers MC, and more about Austin’s “old man,” Wayne Conrad.  Plus you’ll meet a couple of colorful new characters and visit more great locations from the lesser-known sections of Southern California.  And of course you’ll find out what triggered Austin to turn his back on the brotherhood that had been his home.  All of this will weigh heavily on the events that are forthcoming in the third book, Blood Out, which will bring this chapter of Austin’s beef with the Rattlers MC to a violent, final conclusion.

The good news for Austin Conrad fans is that I’ve already started on Blood Out, and in fact it’s already about 1/3 finished.  I had started on it months ago, but put it on the shelf for a bit while I wrote Blood Brothers.  The material covered in Blood Brothers was supposed to be covered in flashbacks, within the pages of Blood Out.  But the story grew into more than that, and I realized I had an opportunity to use it to weave more of the characters’ histories into the tale, so I broke it out into its own book.  But now that it’s done, I’m now able to get back to work on Blood Out.

BTW: Blood Brothers has taken No Time To Bleed’s place as my “freebie”, in other words, the book I give away for FREE to anyone who’d like to read it, hoping you’ll get hooked on the story and maybe buy the next one in the series.  Sort of like crack cocaine.  The first hit is free, and when you gotta have more, pay up sucka!  LOL…most of you have already read the next book though, as I’ve re-numbered No Time To Bleed as Book 2 in the series.  But if the $2.99 price tag is a barrier to you being able to enjoy the next one, drop me a line and I’ll happily send you a link to download it for free.