Wayne Conrad
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From the pages of Blood Out:

[Austin] knew Frosty had known his dad. Wayne Conrad was still alive, and a revered graybeard in the MC, when Frosty prospected way back in the 80s.

When he realized Austin wasn’t going to elaborate, Frosty continued. “I only knew him for a short time. He passed on not long after I patched in. He wasn’t my sponsor, but he was always fair to me. He didn’t shit on me the way the rest of ‘em did. He’d pull me aside once in a while and give me some speech about brotherhood and sacrifice, whenever he sensed the prospectin’ was get’n the best of me.”

Austin had never known this. That Frosty had ever been anything other than a fresh recruit in his old man’s eyes, during the final year of his life.

“If it weren’t for your old man, I might not have made it. I’m a bit of an asshole. I know it, you know it. Everybody knows it. It’s just who I am. I cain’t hep it. Plus I got a short fuse. So I had a hard time getting into all this touchy-feely ‘brotherhood’ bullshit. But that was nothin’ new for me. I was an outcast everywhere I went. And if it was going to be that way with the Rattlers too, well, at least I was an outcast among outcasts.” Frosty paused to take another draw. He studied the cigar as he exhaled, as if the words he wanted to say next were written there on the tobacco leaf wrapper. “But your old man treated me like I was something,” he said, and fell silent.