The Last Gift – Audiobook

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Gifts can take on many forms, and in Austin Conrad’s world, sometimes life itself is the greatest gift of all.

NARRATED BY: Graig A. Hart
RUN TIME: 1 hour 20 minutes


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It’s Christmas Eve and all Austin Conrad wants is to close up shop and spend the rest of the night with Frankie. But trouble has a way of finding him, and his sense of duty won’t let him turn away when a stranger needs his help. Before the sun rises on Christmas day Austin must race across Las Vegas’ seedy underworld to save a life…or take one.

The Last Gift is a gripping short story from the Austin Conrad series of high-octane action thrillers.  This story originally appeared in the Dead Of Winter anthology of holiday-themed thrillers.

Warning: contains violence, profanity and irreverence, in equal measure.

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