You’re not here right now.  You’re reading this at some point in the future, because this is my first post and there’s nobody following it at this point.  Which is cool, if you ask me.  Nobody to watch me flail around as I try to figure out this WordPress thing.

I’m no noob to webmastering.  I’ve been building and maintaining websites pretty much since the infancy of the World Wide Web.  Those who have known me long enough might remember my old “Dustyland” website, which was just a collection of musings, photos and other silly stuff.   It was online for a good ten years or so before I lost interest, and lost the domain to some Chinese domain pirates.  In the interim I’ve built and maintained sites for companies large and small, pretty much curing me of any desire to keep a personal one going.  Until recently.

I’d messed with WordPress before, in a previous life.  I saw it as a cheater for those who can’t do it the old fashioned way, writing good old HTML and CSS by hand.  But now I’m old and lazy, and have developed an appreciation for letting someone else handle the back end so can just bang away at the front end.  Wait a sec…that came out wrong.  Anyhow a cheater like WordPress lets me concentrate more on writing.  And maybe throw in the occasional pic.  (hey this drag and drop thing  is kinda neat–though I’m fighting the natural urge to do it with <IMG> tags).

So what’s this all about?  Why and why a blog?  I’m not quite sure yet.  I have a few interests up my sleeve that may have need of a web presence at some point.  And I figured I’d better register and park the domains based on my own name, before I get famous and the Chinese domain pirates steal these too.

One of the itches I’ve been meaning to scratch for many years is to do more writing.  I’ve written all my life, everything from technical documentation to poetry (mostly bad) to fiction (not all that bad, IMO).  Lately I’ve been developing a few of the story ideas that have been bouncing around in my head, and might at some point put them out there for all of you to laugh at.  Go ahead, I’ve got thick skin!

What this won’t be is an update of the old Dustyland, with its pretentious self-aggrandizing (OK there may be a little of that), political rants (well, maybe just a smidgen of that too), “shit lists”, girly pictures, and other silly stuff.  OK on second thought maybe it will be a bit like the old Dustyland.

But most of all, hopefully, it will evolve into a place where the one or two of you who may have found something I wrote at least mildly entertaining, can come to find more of it.  We shall see.