Antonio Espinoza
Proprietor, Espinoza Auto Body
Las Vegas, NV
Hector Salazar (Shop Foreman)
Yolanda Hurtado (secretary)
Austin Conrad (Friend, Landlord)
Dang Lee (Neighbor)
Ramona Perez (Neighbor)
Tony is Austin’s closest friend and strongest ally in Las Vegas, after Frankie.  They’ve known each other for years, since long before Austin moved to Vegas himself or took ownership of the Harbison Street Complex where Espinoza Auto Body is now located.  Their friendship dates back to Austin’s darkest days during the time between leaving the Army and joining the Rattlers MC, when he had often drifted up to Vegas looking for trouble.
An aging ex gang-banger, Antonio owns a legitimate business, Espinoza Auto Body.  But it serves mostly as a front and money laundering service for his criminal enterprises, which includes trafficking in stolen vehicles, among other pursuits.  Austin understands this, and as one with a checkered past of his own, mostly looks the other way.  But he insists that Tony keep his business totally legit on Harbison Street, and his people who work there on the straight and narrow.  Tony agrees and abides, as it’s important to his friendship as well as his business to keep the two sides of his enterprise separate.
From the pages of Blood Out:

Austin opened the door and stepped through, just as Antonio was setting a two-tone Sig P225 pistol back down on the desk. Stacks of cash sat in neat rows on one end of the desk, an old calculator and a note pad in the center. Antonio sprang up with a loud squeak from his office chair, and hustled around the desk, arms open wide. He was average height and stocky, with short, slicked back black hair and cheerful brown eyes. He wore chinos and a ribbed white wifebeater T-shirt that revealed a monochrome chest tattoo that continued upward and covered his neck  Austin gave him his signature bear hug, then stepped back.

Antonio looked him up and down. “Jesus Cristo, Austin. Somebody rough you up? We need to roll up on some pendejos?”